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Planning & Development Associates (PDA) has obtained planning permission on appeal for a combination of non-material amendments to a previously approved residential extension and the quashing of an enforcement notice for the conversion of the extension into three residential flats. The appeal was considered at a hearing and was prompted by the failure of Bromley Council to determine the Section 73 application for non-material amendments and the service of an enforcement notice alleging the sub-division to form three units. The two appeals were conjoined and considered at the same hearing.


In terms of the non-material amendments, the Inspector concluded:

“I accept they have had an impact upon the appearance of the building. Nevertheless they have not altered the overall shape and appearance of the building such that it would draw the eye or appear as an incongruous addition to the street scene. The street frontage has been maintained and the scale and form of development reflects that given planning permission by the previous Inspector in August 2011”.


In terms of the sub-division of the extension to form three flats the Inspector concluded that they did not conflict with the development plan, they met the London Plan space standards and did not negatively impact the amenity of neighbours. He quashed the enforcement notice and granted permission subject to conditions.


Alan Gunne-Jones, Practice Principal, commented:

Appeal Success for Residential Development in Bromley

February 2013


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Image Credit: Avakas Developments


"In many respects this appeal outcome was a victory for common sense, but also an illustration of the way that the various 'planning tools' can be utilised to achieve the desired result.”

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