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Appeal Success for Hurstpierpoint Residents

September 2014


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PDA was recently instructed by a local Residents Group in West Sussex to sustain objections on their behalf in response to a called-in appeal involving a proposed residential development comprising 81 dwellings.


The Wickham Action Group had obtained Rule Six Status and Managing Director, Alan Gunne-Jones presented evidence at the Inquiry on the Group’s behalf. The issues involved a scenario where the local authority was unable to demonstrate a five year housing supply, but the location of the site was in an area where the Local Plan and emerging Neighbourhood Plan discouraged development on environmental grounds.


The Inspector recommended that the application be refused permission and the Secretary of State concurred. The two key elements of this decision were firstly, the significant weight afforded to the emerging Neighbourhood Plan.  During the course of the appeal proceedings the NP had completed its public consultation and been submitted to the Council for examination, but was not adopted.  Secondly, that although housing policies were considered out-of-date, their environmental aspects were not and these were considered to still serve an important planning function and did not conflict with the National Planning Policy Framework.



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